Hi, Mr/Ms ABK.
I just read your question on the minimal criterion for taking a transfer test for Sophia.
Meeting the requirement of 800 Toeic score is your priority at the moment I guess. Then, try to increase your ability to express your opinion clearly in English and to translate English into Japanese in a natural way (and vice versa).

*Make sure that your competitiors have the same level as you or even higher.
*It will not take long - if you pass the exam - to realize that 800 means nothing but a starting point for your study in Sophia. So you need to aim higher when you have time like now.

If you need more information, I recommend you to read 上智大学に編入したい(全般): Advice for Mr. M.

Good luck.

from Bae
by sophia_trans_info | 2005-05-16 21:53 | 英語学科に編入したい!

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